A new Hub concept

Marittima Mediterranea S.p.A. Hub Global Organization has:

  • A longly experienced network specialized in assistance to tankers, chemicals, and gas carriers;
  • Own offices directly operating in 37 Italian ports and 25 additional with subagency arrangements;
  • 150 peopled employed in Italy;
  • 300 officies and 8500 people worldwide;
  • Customs offices specialising in petroleum, gas and chemicals products;
  • Highly organized agencies with expert personnel;
  • Latest generation It structure;
  • Consolidated relations with local shipping and customs authorities;
  • Personnel trained and qualified according to qulity system principles;
  • Financial soundness.

Ours and Partiner's intentions has been to create a Global Hub Agent witch operates in compliance with professional ethical standards and best practices, without the exploitation and subordination of local operators which is typical of this type of organization in its traditional form. The Hub operates by distributing roles and resources after additional internal quality screening, in order to safeguard the skills of local professionals who, as described above, are more familiar with the specific local situation, making it possible to act more decisively, but without pressure or intermediation, and therefore providing total trasparency for the customer and a single, fully controlled and manageable interface. Our solution therefore focuses on problem-solving to benefit the customer, without any trace of solutions intended to maximize profit to the detriment of the Principal.